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We're a full service SMO conducting clinical research and providing pharmaceutical companies to help develop the medicines people need

    The facility is equipped to provide a full suite of Phase I–IV clinical trial services, including advanced technology that allows for exceptional data integrity, optimum patient safety and consistent performance excellence.

    Our staff of licensed clinicians, clinical research technicians and coordinators, provides hands-on, pro-active service and support 24/7, ensuring that our trials are safe, expedient, and “done right the first time. And all the time.

  • 2 Full-time, on-site Principal Investigator and sub Investigator
  • Expert staff dedicated to safety and control
  • All medical staff certified in GCP and IATA
  • DEA license schedule II-V
  • Conference Room
  • Patient Examination Rooms

  • Equipment

  • -20° Freezer
  • Digital Vital Signs Monitors
  • Refrigerator for specimens
  • Drug storage room
  • Locked Cabinets
  • Centrifufe
  • Hight and weght scales
  • EKG
  • Wi-Fi internet connection through the entire facility.
  • Monitors rooms
  • Facilities are equipped with internet, phone and access to copy machine

A1 Clinical Research has conducted over 100+ clinical trials. We have extensive experience in completing both short- and long-term studies for small or large participant populations. We are capable of meeting a variety of requirements,

A1 Clinical Research has access to the following services through partnerships with imaging centers and cardiologists:

    • Dexa Scans
    • Cardiac MRI
    • Stress Test
    • X-Rays

Labortary Services

Our laboratories to service all laboratory needs for our clinical trials. These laboratories are fully qualified with CLIA and state licensure. Our on-site, state-of-the-art lab facility, These Laboratories, offers a full suite of laboratory.
Our Certified Clinical Lab Director supervises all procedures and process provides independent oversight, quality control, and adherence to the strictest standards of safety and compliance.
Our quality process includes:

  • Full Certificate of Registration for CLIA High Complexity testing
  • State-of-art equipment to ensure accurate results
  • Experienced onsite staff
  • Onsite phlebotomist